Unified Health Systems

Modular Therapy

Baby Steps Counseling For Adults

The Baby Steps program for group counseling represents a more innovative and practical approach to the concept of group facilitation.

Mentorship Programs

This program is designed to advance those that have already been on the path of self- healing and self discovery and require a support structure of individuals with similar experiences.

Professional Online Courses

The UH dedication extends far beyond therapy. Through our online platform which is shared with our partners we offer a number of online professional development courses for practitioners.

Corporate and Holistic Retreats

Medical tourism is on the rise and we at unified health are poised to facilitate our partnering nations with corporate retreat destinations from Barbados, Colorado and United Kingdom.


Unified health is a multifaceted approach to health and wellness which is why it works.

We have resources in several countries and across the globe and a network of professionals willing to facilitate your journey back to wellness. In addition, we support an education system which allows our clients access to retreat centres and our extensive online platform.


Unified health systems is dedicated to the healing of body, mind and spirit. Our services include techniques which have statistically been proven to work as opposed to the hit and miss of conventional approaches. Our network of professionals span the globe and are ready to serve you with the most potent combination of health and wellness techniques available.

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